Monday, 11 June 2012

Cleckheaton Writers Group meeting 11/6/12

An excellent meeting tonight.  D has finished her first draft of her childrens novel TSC which is a fantastic achievement.  She has written over 80k words and now is going to leave it alone for a while, before going back to it and editing.  I told the other members the details of the Manchester Children's Book Festival and N & D agreed that it would be great to go and see Phillip Pullman on the 5th of July.  We just need to check out train schedules to make sure we get there in plenty of time and purchase tickets.  I shared chapter six and seven of my YA fantasy Thorde with the members and it was well received.  I am really pleased that they are enjoying the first person perspective and the plotlines.  I am determined to keep going until first draft before succumbing to editing (I do have a tendency to start editing and not finishing) or starting/moving on to something else.  N set the group a challenge to write a piece for the next meeting with the remit of 'Local guy in his local pub, but he's been dead for weeks, why?'  N is thinking of going with a zombie theme, D a ghost theme and I might give vampires a go (or not as the muse takes me).  Maybe I'll even post it here in a fortnight.

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  1. Yes it was a good meeting. I'll send you guys a link to that publisher I mentioned and I'll get cracking on my ghost story for next time :)