Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Beck Stanza Stone

Yesterday we decided to go for a lovely family walk at Ilkley Moor to find the Beck Stanza Stone.  We followed the map and found the stream easily enough, but the map only really gets you to the bridge over the stream and the Stanza Stone is further upstream and there is no actual path to it.  Once we had split up (there were four of us) and searched up and downstream by clambering over unsteady terrain, my husband managed to locate it.  It is indeed very evocative and perfectly placed in a turn of the beck.  The water flows around it, gently emphasising the imagery of the poem and foam builds up behind it, lending it a magical quality.  It was perfect weather for the walk as it wasn't too hot, too cold or rainy and my children really enjoyed the challenge of having to find it.  We have decided that the next occasion that we have free time and kind weather, we will work our way through finding all the rest of them.  We are so incredibly lucky to have such natural beauty within driving distance and I hope that the Stanza Stones will be there to find for many generations to come.

In order to help my followers find the Stone, I am posting some pictures of the journey:

Download a free Stanza Stone Poetry Trail Guide at www.ilkleyliteraturefestival.org.uk and visit the six Stanza Stones for yourself

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  1. That sounded and looked like a lovely walk. I'd also like to visit that one and the others. All I need to do is to persuade someone to babysit (unless we do the pushchair-friendly one) and get B to come with me!