Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Interview for Yorkshire Life

Earlier today I was interviewed by Chris Titley for an article he is writing about Cleckheaton for Yorkshire Life.  He wanted to know how Cleckheaton Writer's Group came into being and about our members (we have an ex-journalist who writes children's fantasy, a new writer who is compiling his biography and another fantasy writer, but this time for adults).  I gave him an example of what we cover in a meeting (e.g. what we are working on at the moment, feedback, competitions and local writing events) and where and when we meet.  He also wanted to know a bit about what Cleckheaton was like and if we have writing-related events here (I gave examples of Wendy Holden and Mike Pannet at the Library and Jodi Picoult at the Town Hall).  He also said that he would be putting information on how to contact me via my blog for new members to join our group.  He also asked about my hobbies so I told him how I volunteer at our local scouts to help them gain their Master at Arms.  Soon I will be contacted by a photographer and the article (and photo) will be in the July edition of Yorkshire Life, which goes on sale this time next month.  I hope all my followers buy a copy and that it raises awareness of our brilliant group and brings in some more members for our Writer's Group and my blog - the more the merrier and the better the feedback.

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