Sunday, 6 May 2012

Football and films

Just got back from my friend Aj's where we watched the Man City vs Newcastle Utd and then Manchester Utd vs Swansea.  The first match was all Manchester City and I had already guessed that they would win, but even though I had guessed that Manchester United would win, I wasn't expecting Swansea to defend so well and I'm not sure their goalie didn't deserve man of the match.

I'm looking forward to watching Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy on DVD tonight (the remake, not the original) because I love Gary Oldman and am quite partial to Colin Firth too.

Last night I went out for my friend Andrea's birthday to Pregos in Brighouse and a lovely night was had by all.  I started off by having the seafood risotto, but unfortunately it was so salty I had to tell them.  They were very good - they got me a new dish (a lobster, asparagus and cream ravioli which was delicious) and even came out to explain that they think they had reduced the stock down too much and that was what had made it salty.  Impressive service.

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