Tuesday, 27 March 2012


Found these free-to-enter competitions (in order of deadlines):

31 MARCH 2012
Final chapters competitions, 2,500 words of prose or 40 lines of poetry (up to 3 entries can be submitted via email) - finalchapterswriting@gmail.com

3 APRIL 2012
First 3k words of an unpublished chick-lit novel - See novelicious.com

18 APRIL 2012
Dead ink flash fiction competition, 400 words or less - deadlink@live.co.uk

22 APRIL 2012
Leeds by the Tale, first person story 100-1,000 words about a profound event that changed your life to: peter@headstogether.org

27 APRIL 2012
The flashtag competition, up to 500 words story, email to: flashmobwritingcompetition@yahoo.co.uk

30 APRIL 2012
Womans Own Short Story competition 1-1,300 words - wo_specials@ipcmedia.com

12 MAY 2012
Short story contest, theme 'games' maximum 200 words including the title to: creativewriting@chalkthesun.co.uk

* * * *

Went to see Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol today and it was a fantastic action film.  I know that you have to suspend belief with these things, but what fun.  I was sort of sad that they killed off Agent Hanaway really quickly (the gorgeous Josh Holloway from Lost and the Cool Water ads) but the film was fast-paced and held my attention throughout.  I thought Simon Pegg was really good in it - he had several excellent humourous lines - and I especially loved the Burj sequence.  I highly recommend it.

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