Thursday, 29 March 2012

100th post

I can't believe I reached 100 posts already, it doesn't seem like two minutes since I started this blog, but in this time I have attended many writers workshops, wrote so much more fiction and poetry, entered lots of competitions and even won one of them.  Long may it continue.

Yesterday I went to see The Hunger Games at the cinema with my friend Bev.  It was a really good premise and I could easily picture how a world could end up like the one Katniss Everdeen is living in.  There are several districts and two youngsters are chosen (one male, one female) to take part in the 'hunger games' where the 24 of them compete (to the death) against each other to be the winner on a televised programme (a bit like Big Brother).  I thought new actress Jennifer Lawrence was excellent, as was Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth, but I thought the most on-screen presence was engendered by the great Donald Sutherland (the baddie obviously), Woody Harrelson and surprisingly, a very good supporting role was produced by Lenny Kravitz.  The YA novel that the movie is based on is part of a trilogy written by Suzanne Collins first published in September 2008 and I enjoyed the movie so much,, I have purchased the trilogy to read whilst I am on my holidays.  I go on Saturday and will be there for two weeks, so there will be no posts in that time.

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