Sunday, 25 March 2012

Childrens picture book

Following on from winning the childrens picture book competition in writing magazine, I have looked back at my the last picture book that I wrote prior to entering the competition with a view to editing to get it ready to send to a publisher.  My children had wanted to draw the illustrations for the book, but having got half-way through, they lost interest and now I am not sure whether I should sent it without illustrations as I assume the publisher would issue me with an illustrator any way.  What do you think?


The pizza-making devil was a happy little soul

That did not please his parents, for that was not his goal

He was supposed to be a bad one, evil through and through

Making horrid things happen, to you and you and you

They tried to teach him tricks and naughty little spells

To give bad luck to people or make them feel unwell

But he knew he didn’t want to do, what they said he must

He just wanted to roll and bake the perfect pizza crust

The toppings were his favourite part, so different to create

They were the tastiest pizzas ever placed upon a plate

They soon became World-famous and he was making lots of money

But still he missed the smiles of his Daddy and his Mummy

He couldn’t think of what to do, to show them he had vices

Then he stumbled across the way – garlic, herbs and spices

With red hot chilli peppers and all the things he’d got

He made a new range of pizzas, ‘little devil spicy hot’

The coughs and splutters came as the happy faces gurned

He saw to his delight, that his parents had returned

So if your parents’ choice, is not what’s right for you

Do what makes you happy, as that’s the thing to do

Be like the Pizza-Making Devil, happy with his lot

Baking pizzas all day long, for people who like them hot

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