Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Cleckheaton Writers Group

Really enjoyed our meeting last night.  Our new member Daniel very bravely read out a section of his biographical piece which was very descriptive and evocative.  Neil shared with us the prologue to his novel 'The Wormhole Effect' which he will shortly be entering into the Good Housekeeping novel competition - fingers crossed for you Neil - it is a very good sci-fi story with a fantasy twist.  Dawn read out chapter 43 (yes, that's right, chapter 43) of her novel The Sun Charm which was brilliant as usual - I am totally loving her fantasy quest.  She is really cracking on with her novel to get it to first draft stage and I am hoping her example may spur me on to get one of my longer pieces to first draft stage.  Well done Dawn.  I showed the group my 'congratulations' letter and my book and then read out my prize-winning short story to Daniel and Neil who had not heard it before.  I will not be at the next meeting in a fortnight, as I will be on my holidays, but I hope that the group will give me feedback.

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