Thursday, 8 March 2012

THORDE: The keeper of the trysk Chapter Three

As I am definitely going to Paris with my friend this weekend, I will probably not be posting anything on my blog until I get back (get back Sunday night, but probably won't post until Monday), I thought I would post chapter three today.  It is short, but hopefully sweet....


Can anyone else hear that screaming?

It is harder than you might imagine, to try and hold a conversation whilst flying under a wyvern, if the sound of its wings doesn’t muffle the words, the air whistling past does.  We had tried for a while, but as soon as it became obvious that all we were going to get were sore throats, we stopped trying to bellow to each other over the noise.

Looking down wasn’t an option either because the sky was still dark and we were going so fast, I think it would have all been just a blur any way if I could have seen anything.  Then again, maybe it was best not to know where we were, because that way I couldn’t panic any more than I already was.

Yes, back at the castle we were destined to come under attack at dawn, but being held in the clutches of a wyvern flying at top speed was not such a picnic either.  I could not get the image of it dropping me out of my mind and although I was clutching on for dear life to my shield and sword, I was convinced that at any moment I was going to lose them or my helmet.  The way things were going, I was definitely going to need them some time soon.

It was hard not to think about how the wyvern had understood me.  Was I really a Dragon Master?  I had never even seen a wyvern egg, let alone a real fire-breathing adult and I was sure that I would have noticed if a Mystic had given me powers.  There were few Mystics now, the Arberians had seen to that, but I know there are some out there somewhere, but surely if I had come across one and they had gifted me powers, they would have mentioned it?  I would also like to think that the truth-seekers might have mentioned that I was going to be snatched into the claws of a wyvern and flown off into the night.  I laughed out loud; clearly I wasn’t important enough to warrant a conversation, let alone a vision.

My stomach lurched as the wyvern suddenly plummeted downwards in what seemed to me like a death fall.  I didn’t know how far away the ground was, but I prayed silently that it was not jagged rocks or freezing sea beneath us.  Then I suddenly realised that water was probably the best option as this thing was going to land and I am no expert, but I assume they land on their legs.  Because it was dark I had no chance to judge distances enough to jump off at the last minute even if I could untangle myself from these sharp claws.

Before I had chance to come up with a good plan, or for Saran to try and shout any advice, we were unceremoniously dropped onto the waiting padding of a large hay bale. 

I readjusted my helmet and picked up the shield and sword that I had dropped in the slight fall and searched for Saran in the darkness.  He was further along the hay bale but intact.  This was strange, because I could definitely hear screaming.

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