Monday, 13 February 2012


As you know, Whitney Houston died yesterday and she will be sorely missed by many.  A couple of my followers rightly commented on this and the fact that we will never know the devils that tormented her.  Loss is something acutely felt at this time of year anyway, so I would like to pay my own tribute by posting a poem.


Brave the swell of the wave, slowly turning white

Fear the freedom in the strength of the storm

The knowledge to bring peace

To the flower of fat, cold emotions

An age of quiet, quickly evaporating

Black dead coils of slavery

Steal near, too tight to lose

Now a soldier in the war of woman

Hope, a small brown lamb

Turns to a barking dog or stalking cat

You never win with a man so far

Only skateboard over old wounds

No wavering bike on shifting sand

My loose car speeds, deadly as a gun

When the crossroads of life

Leave you one junction too far

1 comment:

  1. Great tribute to a fantastic artist, love the blog.