Tuesday, 21 February 2012


Well I have been laid low with the fluey virus that has been going around.  First my son got it (started last weekend) and then got a call from Paris (where my daughter was on her school trip) to tell me that she had come down with it and then the very next day, I started with it.  It is a really awful viral bug that floors you and just when you think you can venture out again, it hits you and leaves you poorly and tired again.  I hope none of my followers get it as it does the rounds.

My daughter had a lovely time in Paris (despite getting the bug halfway through it) and I think if my son had not have been ill, he would have loved the peace he got whilst she was away!  He is off to London tomorrow for his school trip where he is going to see Shrek, The Lion King, the walking tour of Harry Potter, Covent Garden, Victoria & Albert Museum, to name but a few - I am a bit jealous again as I would love to go (as you can imagine, Paris on Valentine's Day would have been nice too).  I am so glad my kids get to do such fun and educational things.

As I have been poorly, I have not written anything (other than this blog post!) and I am feeling the pressure of the deadlines that are looming.  Because I was out of commission, I now have four deadlines to be ready for in 11 days.  I guess I am going to be really busy :)

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