Saturday, 4 February 2012


It's finally here, the snow that has been promised, and Lucas is chomping at the bit to use his new sledge (the fabulously named Manta-Ray), though I am a tad worried that the test drive for the car Marcus has booked for tomorrow may not come off.  The kids had so much fun throwing snowballs and building tiny snowmen at grandmas this afternoon with their cousin and her neice.  People must be very worried about the weather because nearly all the adult hats had been bought at Go Outdoors when we went to get Georgiana some more walking trousers, another fleece, some dried food, a pair of lined mittens and a self-inflating mattress (Lucas and I got new hats while we were there too).

We are watching the England v Scotland rugby at the moment having eaten our chicken tikka makhani and looking forward to watching a movie tonight (not sure which one yet).  We watched 'The Ugly Truth' last night, which when it first started I was sure I was not going to like (it seemed like such a 'bloke' movie as one of the leads seemed to be such a mysogynist), but as it got into its stride I was laughing along with Marcus at the implausability of the situations the main characters got themselves into and was hysterical at the 'When Harry Met Sally'-inspired restaurant scene.  I urge you to watch it to see what I mean, but definitely sans kids.

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