Saturday, 25 February 2012


We went to the CAMRA organised Beer Festival at Saltaire last night.  There was a very large crowd of us (Marcus and I, Sarah and Richard, Kevin and Aj, Kev's sister Karen and her husband Phillip, Phillip's brother and friends, Bev and Neil, Jeff and Lisa, Jeff's cousin and friend, Andrea and Stuart, Heather and friends) but this year I have to say, it seemed very quiet.  Normally there is no room to move about as it is so crammed full of people, but it seemed quite empty in comparison to previous years.  Surprisingly, some of the more popular real ales sold out quite quickly anyway.  After the Festival we all went into Bradford to the curry house we frequent every year to find that it has had a makeover.  It looks fab, but the standard of service has decreased which is a real shame.  It took so long to get our mains that we were ready for our beds (it was after 2 in the morning) and therefore we did not enjoy them as much as usual.  A great night was had by all because of the socialising, but it did not seem up to its normal standard.

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