Wednesday, 29 February 2012


Attended this workshop today at the library in Wakefield and it was really good, but at only two hours it felt just a bit short.  Part of the workshop dealt with imagery through metaphor and similie and some great advice was given on always keeping a 'listening ear for accents.'  An exercise that Ian Clayton set the attendees involved the answers to the following questions (from a memory using one of the seven ages of wo/man) in order to get a 'word horde':

A piece of furniture
An entertainment
Something overheard
Something tender
A talisman
Something precious
Something understood
A friend
A means of moving on

Using where this memory took place and your 'word horde' write a piece inspired by them, because as Mr Clayton said, objects are nothing without the memories that are attached to it.  This was a very stimulating exercise and everyone wrote a piece following the discussion, including the addition of several other 'if this was a ... what would it be?' questions by the attendees.  I wrote the beginning of a poem using this exercise and when it is finished, I will share it on the blog.

It was also lovely to spend the workshop with Paul who used to come to the Writers Group and he wrote a fantastic short story using the above technique that I hope he shares on his blog.

Drury Lane Library are running several Creative Writing Sessions:

Thursday 1 March 4-5pm for young people aged 12+
Conrad Burdekin, Writer, storyteller and poet

Saturday 3 March 10-12noon
Michael Yates, Author of the Bronte Boy

Saturday 10 March 10-12noon Creative Writing session for families (for children 5 and over)
Irene Lofthouse, All aboard the ark!

Satruday 24 March 10-12noon
Michael Yates, Author of the Bronte Boy

For tickets and further information contact Liz on 01924 305376 or email:

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