Friday, 10 February 2012

Poem for my daughter

Those followers who have been reading my blog for a while will have already seen this poem, but I am posting it for two reasons: one, Georgiana is about to go on her school trip to France (she will be in Paris on Valentine's Day, how fab) and I know I will miss her terribly (I know I am soppy) and two, this is one of my favourites of the poems I've written and I would like to share it with my new followers.  I hope you like it.

Song of Memories

The sweet tang of the baby lotion and
the dry ache of the baby powder sing of her.
The sunny paper hangs on the wall like a whisper
and the animal border has silent soldiers watching over her.
Eyes that see all and forget nothing.
The soft down of her favourite blanket and the benign smile of Benjy,
back when he still had a smile,
before it was worn down by too many over-enthusiastic hugs.
The mobile turns slowly,
a colourful carousel that sings of what her life can be.
A rainbow of possibilities.
The laughter echoes in the corners of so many 'Mummy Monster' tickles
and I can taste the soft coconut down of her skin,
from the myriad of kisses to her beautiful tiny face.
The air swirls around her kicking feet and she grasps towards me,
drawing pictures in the gap between us and I can see them.
All the years we will love together.
Already an artist, already the creator of the pattern and the hue
of emotions stronger than the words we could pin to them.


  1. Karen, I loved your poem, I write and sell poetry when the muse moves me. I wrote several to the daughter I lost--it was soothing to me. Keep up the good work. I like your style.

  2. Thank you, I am so glad you liked it.