Friday, 9 June 2017

McKee Fall 2017 Seminar dates

For those of my followers who are based in the U.S., please find below details of the McKee Fall Seminar dates for 2017:

The STORY Seminar comes to Boston, Austin and London. Seats are limited, so please register early!

McKee Fall 2017 Seminar Dates Announcement!

BOSTON: Sep. 21-23
AUSTIN: Oct. 6-8
LONDON: Nov. 9-12

McKee's STORY Seminar comes to
Boston, MA (Sep. 21-23) and Austin, TX (Oct. 6-8).
London hosts STORY (Nov. 9-11) and LOVE STORY DAY (Nov. 12).
Seats are limited. PLEASE Register early!


Last chance to take the McKee GENRE Festival this May
Consider traveling this week to Berlin (May 11 - 15) or to Beijing (May 25 - 28). Both events are almost sold out. Contact here to inquire about availability:

(External Registration Site)
(Contact to register)

First Up - BERLIN

Don't miss this unique opportunity to learn from the story authority.

BOSTON: Sep. 21-23

As we conclude our Spring season, for those of you who might have missed it, here's a potent message from Robert during his acceptance of Final Draft's Hall of Fame Award (Hollywood, February 2017):
"...Every story expresses and bears a meaning. And that meaning is either adding to the quality of civilization or subtracting from it. Nothing is neutral. No story is innocent. Every story has an impact somewhere in the world on someone's life, and it's either a positive or a negative impact... Where to people go to get an answer to Aristotle's great question of "how should a human being lead their life?" Where do they go? They go to the movies. God help them (laughter). They go to the movies trying to find sense, trying to understand in a comic way or a tragic way, what it is to be a human being, to give themselves some guidance in this world and story is the most powerful form of expressing meaning. It always has been since we sat around the fire in caves..."



McKee's recently published book DIALOGUE is already a must have for writers. Be on the lookout this fall for his timely and compelling book STORYNOMICS. A must for business leaders, CEOs, CMOs, public speakers, marketing professionals, branding and advertising creatives, and for anyone who wishes to communicate effectively. Don't Interrupt, Entertain.™

Professional Union and Student discounts available.
Contact for more information.
Boston Sep. 21 - 23
Austin Oct. 6 - 8
London Nov. 9 - 11
London Nov. 12


McKee Seminars | Two Arts, Inc. PO Box 681 Sherman, Connecticut 06784 United States (928) 204-2323

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