Thursday, 8 June 2017

Competition news and FREE to enter writing competition sites

Continuing with my writers resolution to submit to more competitions, I have entered the #70pit17 writers competition (open today 8 June 2017 due to the time difference with USA) with my 7 word pitch for my MG fantasy novel: Orphan Dragon Masters' quest to unite realms. If you would like to vote for my entry, go to twitter using #70pit17 and retweet my pitch entry @KarenNaylor2   Thanks.

Sadly I heard that my two entries into the Northern Writers Awards were unsuccessful, but I am pleased to be a runner-up in the Divine Chocolate and Christian Aid Poetry competition 2017. Congratulations to the winners and fellow runners up. If you wish to read the poems, click on the link:

And for those of my followers who wish to send some entries into writing competitions, here are a few links to FREE writing competitions for 2017:

Good Luck.

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