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London Writers' Club event 21 March

The next London Writers' Club event takes place on 21 March, with agent Ben Clark of LAW, details below:


LWC 6 month Write a Bestseller masterclass 
With agent and consultant, Jacqueline Burns 
April sees the launch of the London Writers' Club,  Write a Bestseller masterclass for writers who have started to write a novel or have a first draft done.  
It's a six month course and involves a monthly Friday workshop and a one-to-one Skype session.  
Small group of dedicated writers. One place open.  Contact for details.


LWC Live in March 
with agent Ben Clark of LAW

Our next event will be on March 21 with
 Full details here. 
Book now for a members ticket here. Or buy an advance ticket for non-members.

Ben works with Julian Alexander.  His tastes range from the agricultural (he once worked on a farm where he had to do 'some horrible things involving sheep') to the culinary (he has eaten a lot of things, including sea urchins, out of politeness).  His dreams include buying his own Hundred Aker Wood, speaking Spanish well enough to communicate with his grandmother in her native tongue, and retraining as an astronaut.  Ben loves smart non-fiction, literary speculative fiction, books with a lot of heart and those that cunningly blend genres. His non-fiction tastes are varied but is particularly interested in the areas of philosophy, memoir, technology, science, business and nature writing.  He gets excited when a writer comes at an idea from a bizarre and unexpected angle.  He's also a wizard with contracts.

London Book Fair
March 14-16 2017

We are often asked how authors can 'navigate' the London Book Fair. This year, there is a new initiative, The Author Club. Find out more here.
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My own experience is that once a story has been written, one has to cross out the beginning and the end. It is there that we authors do most of our lying.
Anton Chekhov


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