Thursday, 26 January 2017

Word Club, Leeds, 27 January 2017

The first Word Club of 2017 takes place in Leeds, details below:

Friday 27th January 2017 with three great headliners selected by Mark Connors, Joe Williams and Peter White respectively, namely Matthew Hedley Stoppard (it just had to be), Rosalind York (who was one of the headliners at our first ever WORD CLUB) and the brilliant Geoff Hattersley. There will be the usual open mic slots available so come down to the best pub in the land for this grand Winter feast of poetry. I’d like to request that every reader does at least one cover version in their set and open mic slot to maybe introduce or re-introduce other WORD CLUBBERS to a poem or a poet we’ve either not heard before or not heard for a while. Might be an idea to bring a couple just in case anyone decides to read the same poem!

Matthew Hedley Stoppard was born in Derbyshire but now lives in Otley, West Yorkshire where he is the country's first official Town Poet. Valley Press has published two of his collections of poetry. His debut, A Family Behind Glass, was included in The Guardian's Readers' Books of the Year 2013, and his second book was written in collaboration with Leeds poet James Nash. His poems and short stories have appeared in various magazines and anthologies, and on BBC radio.

Rosalind York read Theatre at Dartington before starting a family. Since then she has never found a matching pair of socks. She has poems in the Other Poetry anthology, Miracle and Clockwork and OWF Press' anthologies, Spokes and The Garden. She won three places on the Guernsey International Poetry on the Buses 2016 competition and she imagines her poems are riding in the back seat and making rude gestures out of the window.

Geoff Hattersley was born in Wombwell and now lives in Huddersfield, where he runs a Reading Round group for the Royal Literary Fund. He is also a member of the RLF’s online production team, interviewing authors for their archives. His collections include ‘Don’t Worry’ (Bloodaxe, 1994) and ‘Back of Beyond (smith|doorstop, 2006). His most recent publication is’ Outside the Blue Hebium’ (smith|doorstop, 2012).

The first rule of WORD CLUB is: Everyone talks about WORD CLUB.



The Chemic Tavern, 9 Johnson Street, Leeds. LS6 2NG

7.30 pm till 10.15 ish.

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