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NaNoWriMo and Industrial Scripts newsletter

I hope all my followers had a Happy Halloween and that those of us who are writers are feeling ready for the November challenge of NaNoWriMo if you are participating this year.  I am looking forward to taking part and hopefully this may be the year that I make it to the 50k finish line.  If you wish to 'friend' me on the NaNoWriMo site so we can help each other achieve our goals, my handle is YorkshireBelle.  Good luck to everyone.

For those followers who write scripts, here is the latest Industrial Scripts newsletter:


Autumn, our old friend, is firmly here. Dark, foreboding skies, no holidays...a time of plenty and productivity for screenwriters and filmmakers everywhere. How many hit scripts, we wonder, were penned during these months of minimal distraction? Many, most likely. But why not take five minutes out, for your elixir is here...

Welcome to October's Industrial Scripts newsletter.

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·         Opinion: Unresolved Plot Threads - Magic or Madness?
·         Genius Character Reveals: Jim Donovan (BRIDGE OF SPIES)
·         Character-Driven: the latest exclusive content from our official blog

·         Free Giveway: 10 Commandments of the Accountable Screenwriter
·         Spec-Spotter: news from around the world of script development

·         The IIL: who is our industry guest at next month's event?

·         Script X-Ray Ready: 20 great Script Development Services
·         Curated from Facebook: the best articles we found this month, see below
·         Online Courses: our full portfolio of online courses for writers

·         OVERDRIVE: our supportive community for writers & filmmakers
·         Flashback to: our interview with leading literary agent Nick Marston 
Opinion: Unresolved Plot Threads - Magic or Madness?
Unresolved plot threads can be frustrating or fantastic. Two modern greats, THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS and INCEPTION, show how to harness the power of the audience's imagination.

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The 10 Commandments of the Accountable Screenwriter (PDF)
Are you an accountable screenwriter? Or one who deflects blame left, right and sideways. Download our free above-desk, printable PDF of The 10 Commandments of the Accountable Screenwriter.

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Genius Character Reveals: Jim Donovan
Scripted by the Coen brothers and Matt Charman, and directed by Steven Spielberg, BRIDGE OF SPIES masterfully introduces protagonist Jim Donovan (Tom Hanks) in this one simple scene.

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10 Great Sites to Download Movie Scripts
Reading lots of scripts is an essential part of developing and improving as a screenwriter. In this article we identify the 10 of the best sites to download movie and TV scripts.

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10 Minor Characters Who Still Have a Great ARC
There are no small parts! These minor characters have great arcs, even if they just unfold in the background, and the films they're in are all the richer for it. This is how you do a lot with a little. 
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Industry-leading Script Development
With 20 script development services (+ OVERDRIVE), Industrial Scripts offers the largest range of reports for producers, writers and directors anywhere in the world. And with a 94+% client satisfaction rating across 700+ Google-verified reviews, you know where to come for all your script development needs.

Some of our most popular services include:

·         Film Forensic Notes: delivers fully 14 pages of incredibly in-depth analysis.
·         Film Coverage Report: delivers 4+ pages of notes.
·         Script Doctoring: you set the exact brief, we re-write with your input.

·         "Which Logline?": you send loglines, we re-order them by potential.

Spec-Spotter: Industry Intel & News
A round-up of relevant industry news for screenwriters and filmmakers. Click the links below...

·         John McClain sells spec about black ops assassin to Fundamental Films (Deadline)
·         Peter Straughan adapting life of British explorer Ernest Shackleton for Studiocanal, Tom Hardy to star (Deadline)
·         Kyle Killen writing live-action SINBAD for Studio 8 (THR
·         Michael Ross adapting sci-fi fantasy novel The Grace of Kings for DMG Entertainement (Variety)
·         James Luckard sells historical serial killer script to Fox International Productions, co-producing with White Horse Pictures (ScreenDaily
·         Billy Ray adapting Don Quixote for Disney (THR
·         Daniel Casey hired to adapt supervillain thriller comic Incognito (THR
·         Isaac Adamson sells sci-fi thriller HELIOS to Fox 2000 (Variety
·         Ben Bolea sells midlife crisis comedy spec to LD Entertainment (Deadline)
·         Connor Martin sells screwball comedy spec to Boundless Pictures (THR)
Curated from Facebook

We often post carefully-selected articles from other media outlets on our Facebook page. Check out the following...

·         British Independent Film Awards Breakthrough Producers Longlist (THR)
·         Video preview of Coppola's The Godfather - Notebook, detailing the making of a classic (IndieWire)
·         Bryan Cranston: How I Got the Role of a Lifetime (Variety)
·         Jim Jarmusch's list of 5 must-see movies (NoFilmSchool)
·         Why it took THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN screenwriter 30 years to break through (IndieWire)
·         10 Things from 10 Years of Hustling for Our Feature Debut (NoFilmSchool)
·         Hilary Swank: Male Costar Offered 20x Pay even after Second Oscar (IndieWire)
·         Behaving on set (Huffington Post)
·         Screenwriter David Koepp talks about mistakes of Indiana Jones 4 (Collider)
·         Netflix raises $1 billion for more original content (Variety

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Client Reviews o' the Month

 "My report... was exceptionally helpful in pointing out areas of the script that did and did not work, ranging from large errors that were staring me in the face to smaller, stylistic notes that will help the tone and fluidity of the pilot. Have used before. Will use again. Would recommend to anybody." 

- Fraser, verified client review by unique PayPal Code, October 2016

 "Industrial Scripts were fantastic. Quick, thorough and really comprehensive. I would highly recommend them. 

- Ali, verified client review by unique PayPal Code, October 2016  

 "The script analysis by Industrial Scripts was helpful, thorough and detailed, and it covered all areas of concern in my mind in addition to highlighting new onees. It helped me identify the shortcomings and weak points of the script clearly and convincingly. Thanks for a well done and a quickly delivered job. 

- Ahmad, verified client review by unique PayPal Code, October 2016  

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Our Online Courses Portfolio
Whether you're a new screenwriter looking to give your writing the best start, an advanced scribe looking to write the next great American TV script, or an author looking to craft the hit novel, we have an online course tailored to your needs. Check out our full course portfolio HERE or at the individual links below.

UK Courses & Events
At Industrial Scripts we run high-quality evening and 1-day training events which deliver serious value to participants. Our courses are tailored to suit the requirements of the industry, and are led by professionals with proven track records of success. Our current events include:

·         Effective Script Reading for Film & TV (1-day seminar)
·         The Insider Interviews LIVE (evening events)
Both events run regularly in London, and we plan to extensively expand our delivery of premium UK training in 2017 and beyond.

Who is next month's industry guest at The IIL?
Click HERE to find out...
OVERDRIVE, our dedicated community for screenwriters and filmmakers, now has over 90 members and accepts applications year-round. Membership is strictly capped and vetted, and is for our most promising and committed clients only. Unique benefits include:

·         25% off all script development services.
·         Dedicated mentoring and support from bona fide literary agents.

·         Guaranteed 14-day turnaround on all script reports.
·         Access to the vetted members forum.
·         Free entry to The Insider Interviews LIVE, worth £140.
·         Free online courses, exclusive discounts, networking and more!

Promising writers, producers and directors can join at either Gold, Silver or Bronze level. To apply or learn more about the community click the button below.
The Random Tip

Every month we include an unorthodox tip relating to writing and creativity in general.

Comedy and horror operate on a similar principle of surprise, meaning jokes and scares can have diminishing returns. If in doubt, always get a fresh pair of eyes on the material. 
That Awesome Scene

We're avid YouTubers here at IS, and in honour of the sheer learning and discovery available on this beautiful creation, we look back at an amazing film or TV scene.

Thanks for reading!          

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