Monday, 14 November 2016

Cleckheaton Writers Group meeting 14 November 2016

The Cleckheaton Writers Group meeting took place at Cleckheaton Library tonight 5.30-7pm, where Kathy, myself and new member Alice (accompanied by Simon) were in attendance, Sarah, Arline, Mandy and Neil having passed on their apologies.

After we welcomed Alice and Simon to the Group, we discussed the different writing genres and works in progress that we had at the moment.

Work in progress updates were as follows: I have been working on my current YA novel, Kathy had written a short story which she edited down to a flash fiction about a lonely person and an animal, a poem she was worried might be a bit twee that she had brought to share at the feedback session and she had started on a murder story idea that she had had following CLF 2016.  Alice, who writes for children, has written two WIPs, one that is fully drafted and an MG that is half-way along.

Kathy shared a poem entitled Missing the Point for the feedback session.  Members felt that the rhyming cadence in the stanzas could be improved with some editing and that although there was a strong message and an interesting premise, that the poem needed some hope injecting, especially following the crime that is referred to near to the end.

I shared the latest Writing Magazine with the members so that they could look through it for competitions, events etc.

We discussed the proposed CWG/CLF anthology and I am reminding members once more that short stories up to 5k words in total should be forwarded on to Mandy for consideration.

I gave details of the FREE Huddersfield Literature Festival Preview event on 30 November at Magic Rock Tap, tickets available here:

Alice then discussed what she was wanting from a writers group, which lead to a discussion about writing.

It was agreed that the next meeting of the Writers Group on 28 November would be the last one of 2016 as the 12 December date would be the Christmas Do and the group would meet at the pub, Wetherspoons suggested.

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