Saturday, 2 April 2016

Blood from the Quill anthology published


Book cover with original artwork by Faye Stacey

As some of my followers may remember, my short Victorian Gothic horror story was chosen for the Blood from the Quill event at The Cumberland Arms in Newcastle on Halloween last year and following on from the successful evening of readings, I am pleased to announce that there is now an anthology containing all of the original stories and poetry.

With a fantastic newly-commissioned cover of artwork encapsulating the theme and the stories, Blood from the Quill is now available to buy in both paperback (£6.99) and on Kindle (£2.08):

I am very proud to be in this anthology of fabulous new writing and remember well the packed out evening at The Cumberland with some creepy and frightening costumes, see below,

( The blood-red stage, above, and I am the one in the grey hat, below)

and the fear of reading my work out to a live audience, having only read it to my Writers Group or friends and family up to then.  Thankfully it was well received, the audience laughing at my one attempt at humour and seeming to hold their breaths and then gasp at the ending, which was a real high point for me.  I had only experienced a 'live' audience reaction before when my monologue 'Rayvon's Party' was performed at the Lawrence Batley Theatre or when the final scene of my black comedy 'Bottle' was performed at the University of Huddersfield as part of my MA in Writing for Performance and it was wonderful to get that feeling once again.

My radio plays were not reviewed, or if they were I did not see them, and I have not seen any reviews for any of the other anthologies my work has featured in before, so I wait with bated breath and not a little trepidation for the results, as do all the author writers.  We have had a couple so far, both 5* reviews from a Miss D A Pegg and Kerry77, and it was so thrilling to get a special mention on my story from Miss Pegg, apparently she had to stop reading it was so disturbing.  It would be great if all the readers enjoy the book as much, we can hope.


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