Sunday, 2 November 2014

10 year Anniversary and new arrival

I have been very busy this week due to it being my 10 year Anniversary, not for my wedding you understand, but for being a survivor 10 years and counting from breast cancer.  In July 2004 I found a lump in my right breast and following a battle with the doctors to take it seriously ("It's normal for a woman your age - 33 - to have lumps and bumps," but I knew it wasn't) there followed a biopsy and the diagnosis that I had the big C.  I had my mastectomy and reconstruction a couple of days before Halloween and this is why October 2014 was a big deal for me.

There are many things in October to raise money and awareness for this terrible disease and this year feels all the more special because my consultant at the time told me that when I made it to the 10 year mark, I would have the same statistical chances as everyone else for breast cancer, so this feels like a perfect time to celebrate.

My wonderful friends organised me a surprise pink party with balloons, cupcakes and pink fizz and I have had a series of gorgeous gifts, including a stunning pink ribbon Pandora charm, champagne and chocolates, and beautiful flowers since the beginning of last week:

Also, we have now got a new edition to our family, Chester the cavachon puppy.  He is 11 weeks old and a cavachon is a mix of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Brichon Frise, which leaves him looking a little like a real live teddy bear.  Sleepless nights and endless cuddles have ensued and I thought I would share some pictures of him with my followers.  Needless to say I am struggling to keep up with NaNoWriMo, but even some words written per day is a win for me :)



We also went to a MacMillan Halloween Fundraiser Party with our friends and we really went all out in our costumes, sadly we were the only ones there that were in fancy dress, but it did earn us a free glass of wine!

To raise awareness of this killer disease, here are the signs to look for:

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