Sunday, 1 May 2016

Cleckheaton Literature Festival 2016 finale - Andy Kershaw in conversation, Cleckheaton Town Hall, 7-late

Cleckheaton Literature Festival 2016 condludes tonight 7pm at Cleckheaton Town Hall with Andy Kershaw in conversation:

CLECKHEATON TOWN HALL              7-LATE            Andy Kershaw in Conversation

'Andy will be talking about his travels to some of the world's most dangerous countries as a foreign correspondent, sharing his passion for manned space flight, and finishing off the evening with an open question and answer session with the audience.'

Back by popular demand, learn the following facts (and more):

»has visited 97 of the world's 194 countries.
» owns an LP and CD collection weighing seven tons.
» is a freelance broadcaster, journalist and foreign correspondent.
» was an eyewitness to the Rwandan genocide and reported it for the Today programme.
» worked for the Rolling Stones in 1982.
» is a regular reporter on BBC One's television programme The One Show.
» was a Radio 1 DJ for fifteen years - without ever having any ambition to become one.
» shared a cramped, chaotic office with John Peel for twelve years.
» was the first – and is still the only – journalist to use the word “fuck” on From Our Own Correspondent.
» presented Live Aid on BBC television.
» was banned from Malawi under the dictatorship of Dr Hastings Banda.
» ran away from university, on his first day there, to go to see BB King.


Link for the tickets:

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