Friday, 4 March 2016

Cleckheaton Literature Festival 2016: 21 - 24 April and 28 April - 1 May

There are some excellent events coming up at the second Cleckheaton Literature Festival.  Here are just a few of the events you can look forward to:

Thursday 21 April


10-12 Ian Pattison Short Story Workshop

1-3 Clive Dale children's story-building class

1-3 Ian Pattison Horror/fantasy workshop

4-6 Alison Taft Committing the Perfect Murder crime writing workshop

7-9 Crime Panel with Leigh Russell, Alison Taft and Helen Cadbury


Friday 22 April


10-12 John Irving-Clarke Children's poetry workshop

1-3 Justina Robson YA (Young Adult) workshop

4-6 TBC

7-9 Luke Wright performance poet What I Learned from Johnny Bevan


Saturday 23 April


10-12 Gillian Rogerson Self-publishing workshop

1-3 Doctor Who Panel with Mark Wright (other writer/s TBC)

4-6 A Firm of Poets

7-9 TBC


Sunday 24 April


10-12 Ian C Douglas World-building workshop

1-3 Ian C Douglas YA workshop

4-6 TBC


Thursday 28 April


10-12 James Nash Schools Poetry event

10-12 Steve Moore creative writing workshop: Structure and Introduction to a story's principal characters

1-3 Jason Hewitt author talk (new book Devastation Road)

4-6 Steve Moore author talk (road to publication, self-published book The Washington Adventure)

7-9 TBC


Friday 29 April


10-12 Jason Hewitt creative writing workshop: Building Characters 10 practical steps

1-3 TBC

4-6 Barbara Henderson Short fiction Masterclass

7-9 TBC


Saturday 30 April


10-12 Barbara Henderson Writing for Children Masterclass

10-12 Patricia Duncker Masterclass (new book Sophie and the Sibyl)

12-1 Theatre performances The Love Project & Dough

1-3 Alison Lock author talk (new book Maysun and the Wingfish)

1-3 Patricia Duncker Masterclass

3-4 Theatre performances The Love Project & Dough

4-6 Julie Pryke Telling Tales

7-9 Crime Panel with David Mark and Nick Quantrill (interviewed by James Nash)


Sunday 1 May


11-12 Horatio Clare author talk Aubrey & the Terrible Yoot

1-3 Martyn Bedford creative writing workshop

4-6 TBC

7-LATE Andy Kershaw in Conversation with (Cleckheaton Town Hall)
I will be sharing full details of each event in upcoming blog posts.

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