Thursday, 4 February 2016

New Writing North Crime Story 2016

As I entered the Northern Writers' Awards yesterday, I wondered how many of my followers and fellow writers were also entering and with what.  I would love to hear from any of you that entered and look forward to receiving comments on this, I will be crossing my fingers for you.  I entered the new Northumbria University Channel 4 Writing for Television Awards (children's) and the Clare Swift Short Story Award, fingers crossed.

Details of the New Writing North Crime Story Festival 2016 have been released, headlined by Paula Hawkins author of the number one bestseller The Girl On The Train on 11 June, details below plus Crime Story: Portrait of a Criminal on 10 March:

 February 2016
Crime Story is back…and Paula Hawkins is headlining
We’re thrilled to tell you that the Crime Story festival will return on 11 June 2016, headlined by Paula Hawkins, author of the number one bestseller The Girl on the Train.
Those of you who attended in 2014 will know that Crime Story is an innovative festival for readers and writers of crime fiction, providing rare access to experts from the fields of forensics, criminology, pathology and law, who reveal and interrogate the facts behind crime fiction.
Appealing to crime readers as well as fans of Serial and Making a Murderer, the day-long festival invites audience and experts to pick apart a fictional crime, written this year by Paula Hawkins.
For crime writers, the festival also offers an extraordinary opportunity to challenge and improve the authenticity of their writing, by giving unique access to a wide range of experts in police science, as well as crime writers and publishing industry leaders.
We’ll be launching the full festival programme and releasing tickets on Thursday 10 March at Crime Story: Portrait of a Criminal.
Crime Story: Portrait of a Criminal
Thursday 10 March, 7pm
Live Theatre, Newcastle
Tickets £10/£8 concessions
Join us for a special event in which two award-winning writers explore the minds of two of the most notorious criminals of recent times.  
Dan Davies spent more than a decade writing the highly-acclaimed biography, In Plain Sight: The Life and Lies of Jimmy Savile, which won the Gordon Burn Prize 2015 and was shortlisted for the James Tait Black Prize 2015. The book is both an extraordinary portrait of Savile, compiled from years of interviews and dogged research, as well an enquiry into the society that enabled him for so long.
Portrait of a Criminal also launches Northern Writers’ Awards winner Andrew Hankinson’s You Could Do Something Amazing with Your Life (You Are Raoul Moat). The book covers the last days of the fugitive gunman Raoul Moat, who shot three people before going on the run in rural Northumberland. The book is written in Moat’s own words, pieced together from letters and recordings, offering a compelling insight into his paranoid state. You Could Do Something Amazing has already been named by several critics as one of the books of 2016.
Dan Davies and Andrew Hankinson, writers in the tradition of David Peace and Gordon Burn, will discuss the subjects of their work, their own methods and the place of true crime in literary writing.
Ticket holders for Portrait of a Criminal: Crime Story will receive £10/£8 off their Crime Story festival ticket price.
Tickets are now available for Crime Story: Portrait of a Criminal on Thursday 10 March.
Find out more about Crime Story festival at
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