Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Butcher's Dog newsletter

If you have not had chance to get your poems sent for inclusion (deadline 31 January), here is the latest Butcher's Dog newsletter with details of how to submit, plus news on Newcastle Poetry Festival (5-7 May):

We've been a bit quiet (sorry about that) but we still want your poems!

Just under a week to go!

If you've not got round to sending your work to us for BD7, don't panic! There's still time. Just head over to our Submittable page and send us (up to) three of your mintest poems.

Co-edited by Andrew Sclater, Jake Campbell and Pippa Little

5-7 May 2016

We're excited to let you know that Butcher's Dog 7 will be launched at Newcastle Poetry Festival!

Carolyn Forché is the festival's Guest Director and the full festival line up will announced shortly...
Don't forget to check out the latest issue - available from our website and selected bookshops.

We stumbled across this cracking blog post from BD2 contributor Philip Cowell whose book 'Keeping a Mindful Journal' is out now.

(mini) Workshop:
"Even a stopped clock gives the right time twice a day."

Imagine you're looking at a clock (analogue not digital), it could be your wrist watch, a station clock, your alarm clock, it could be Big Ben. What time is it, exactly?

Write down everything you notice around you. Everything. What can you see? Are you alone? What can you hear? Are you somewhere quiet or is the noise overwhelming? Use your senses. Be specific, focus on details and work to get a sense of the time of day (or night).

Keep in mind why you're there. Are you waiting for someone or something? What is the overarching feeling? Are you nervous, scared, excited? Is there an element of danger? These things don’t need to be stated obviously in the poem but they should inform the tone.

Okay – now fast forward (or rewind) 12 hours. Repeat the process… Write down everything you notice around you. Everything…

By the end you should have two very different pieces, you can either keep them separate or have them as two parts of the same poem. 
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