Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Steve Cole event, Ilkley Playhouse, Wharfeside Sunday 11 October 2015

Took my son to the Steve Cole event at Ilkley Literature Festival on Sunday as he is a huge fan of his books.  Steve Cole is the lively, bestselling, non-stop author of Astrosaurs, Cows in Action, The Slime Squad, Z-Raptor and many other books including several original Doctor Who stories.

Steve gave a highly entertaining talk on creative writing, taking us on the journey from him writing his first amusing song at school (via the horrors of salad, the quirkiness of imaginative fruit and the possibilities when walking the dog) about Aliens to his life as an author with fantastic audience participation throughout.

There was another song (this time the audience got to join in) and then a signing session at the end.  Lucas had brought all his books (all 28 of them) along but had chosen just 5 to be signed.  Steve was so generous in that he signed the 5 and told Lucas to wait until he had signed for everyone else and then he would sign the lot.  What a wonderful man, Lucas was so happy as he got to talk to Steve about his favourite characters, villains and plots whilst he was signing and even got a picture taken with his fave author (see pic above).

Also, there was a lovely picture taken and tweeted by the Ilkley Literature Festival with Steve and the large pile of Lucas' books mentioning the 'super fan' that brought them for signing (see pic below).  One happy Astro-Sir.

Thank you Steve Cole for your generosity and fantastic event and thanks Ilkley Literature Festival for bringing us such an amazing event. 

The last Astrosaurs book is waiting for pick up at The Grove Bookshop in Ilkley and then we will be starting on the other sets.  It would be fantastic to have a Steve Cole event at the Cleckheaton Literature Festival next year, but he might just be scared about how many books Lucas may have bought by then.

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