Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Cleckheaton Writers Group meeting 5 October 2015

The CWG met last night with Pauline, Andy and myself (Karen) in attendance, Neil, Kathy, Pippa, Mandy and Martijn having passed on their apologies.

The minutes of the last meeting were agreed and passed and then WIPs were discussed.  Karen reported that she had edited and sent her short Victorian Gothic story off and it had been accepted for performance on Halloween night in Newcastle.  She had also begun a new story which she was to share with the group at the feedback session.  Andy had finished Karen's novel Thorde and had passed on his feedback to her for editing purposes.  He also had a final read through of his novel Valh-allan and would begin editing as he found three inconsistencies. Andy has also started something new, which he had brought to the meeting to share with the group at the feedback session.  Pauline had been looking back at her short stories with a view to sending them out.

This lead to a discussion about what does and does not work on TV story-wise.

Karen shared the first five pages of her new novel (working title The half-lands of Aquinas), a sci-fantasy, which was very well received.  There followed a lengthy discussion of where she wishes the story to go, a bit on the background and plot arcs, which fascinated the group as the pages shared had not given the game away.  It was agreed it was a great idea and had enough legs to be a NaNoWriMo project come November and both Pauline and Andy said they hoped to hear more as they wanted to know the ending.

Andy shared the beginning of his new story (working title The Fuhrer of Stockport) an autobiographical tale with an amusing slant, that was very well received.  Pauline and Karen could both see that a collection of tales in a same vein could easily become a 'confessions of a contractor' novel.  Andy was not sure where the story was going and was surprised that there was so much about his relationship with his father, who he worked with at the time of the story.  We hope to hear more.

Karen informed the group about the Barbara Henderson Writing for Children workshop that she had attended at the Ilkley Literature Festival (blog post review available) and this was what had inspired her new story. 

She also informed the members that there is a short story writing competition on the theme of bedtime stories being run by Jesmond Library (£3 entry fee, proceeds to the Library).  Entry can be for adults (1500 words) or as a young person aged 13-18 or as a child aged under 13 (500 words) and there are several prizes to be won including a Kindle and a years subscription to Seven Stories.  Full details: http://jesmondlibrary.co.uk and entry form.

The next meeting is on Monday 19 October 6-8pm at Cleckheaton Library.

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