Tuesday, 25 October 2011


Who would have thought that The Smurf's would be so popular?  We were halfway down in the queue yesterday when the manager came out to inform everyone that it was sold-out.  My son was especially disappointed, but I promised to try and go again on Thursday to watch it (so maybe a review will be forthcoming then).  We went bowling, to McDs for lunch and to the park instead - a great time was had by all and I won the bowling (just) - as the weather was cold but kind.

My daughter is on her way back from her Rangers trip (ice skating and swimming) now and my son enjoyed swimming with his mates (Ryan and Wesley) at Richard Dunn Sports Centre.  We are all looking forward to seeing Dawn and Rosie tomorrow and then my son is going to his friend Liam's house and my daughter is going to the dentist (boo).  I hope it is not too traumatic.

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