Friday, 14 October 2011


Attended the excellent Romance Writing Workshop Love Will Conquer All (Eventually) held today as part of the Morley Literature Festival.  This very informative workshop was run by writer and academic Dr Jayne Rodgers who gave practical advice on heroes/heroines, characterisation, story structure, the main elements to a romance novel, how to build your story, how to plot plan and build a biography/back story to your main characters.  She also shared with us some links for submissions to romance publishers in the UK and recommended that we sign up for NaNoWriMo, which is National Novel Writing Month, an on-line resource running in November that supports writers in their aim to produce a 50k novel in a month (not polished, but actually finished to first draft stage for that all important editing).

I am sure if I utilise these techniques it will help me move my romance novel forward and hopefully get it to the first draft stage.

Before I share a section of the romance novel I am working on, I would like to thank Dr Jayne Rodgers for a helpful and stimulating workshop and also send a shout out to Jenny Harris who has worked hard to organise these workshops as part of the Morley Literature Festival.  She is hoping to organise future events like these and I for one will be emailing her to thank her for these excellent free sessions and also making suggestions of themes for further writing workshops.  Fingers crossed that more events like these will follow.

Here is a chapter of the romantic fiction novel I am working on at the moment that is as yet untitled:


Make’s you want to Scream

As was inevitable, Emily could not talk them out of letting her stay at home to finish printing up her ‘garage sale’ leaflets.  All her protestations that she had had a trying day yesterday also fell on deaf ears so it came as no surprise to her that on the allotted night, at the allotted time, the three of them arrived at her house and made her retreat back to her bedroom to change her clothing.  Nothing, it transpired, was suitable in her wardrobe to wear for a rock concert.  Her skirts were not ‘sexy’ enough and she did not possess a pair of ‘half decent jeans’.  To Emily’s mind, their jeans were the definition of ‘half-decent’ not hers, but as she figured she wouldn’t see anyone she knew there, she allowed them to browbeat her into ‘borrowing’ an outfit from Flo. 

Before she had time to even look in a mirror, they had attacked her with make-up and hairspray so that her normal ‘au naturel’ look had been obliterated.  Emily was then sure that she was thankful that she had had no time to look at herself before being dragged out of the door, because if their version of ‘stunning’ was anything to go by, she must look a real sight.  Had she had the time to see herself, she would undoubtedly have removed all the make-up and brushed out the hairspray, but as it was she did indeed look stunning, but as far removed from Emily Lester as it was possible to be.

It didn’t take long to arrive at their destination and Emily stood nervously in the crowd waiting to get in wondering if anyone she knew would see her here.
The foursome made a handsome group as they surged along in the dense crowd congregating outside the stadium and Emily winced at the ‘music’ emanating from within.  Although Rose insisted that it was just the warm-up act, Emily thought it would probably be indicative of the standard she could expect of the ‘star turn.’

By the time they had located their seats and Sydney had returned from the dubious ‘toilet trip’ with ciders all round, the support act had gained the stage and Emily felt justified in accepting her cider in the hope that it might dull her senses enough for her to successfully pretend she was enjoying the show.  When the second support act finished their set, Emily was slightly more relaxed, thanks to a few more ciders than she was usually used to and when the girls reacted to the buzz in the crowd, felt almost excited that the main attraction was about to begin.

The stage was suddenly plunged into darkness, then in the far right corner a white light illuminated a rather handsome man playing a guitar,

“That’s Ross, he’s even better looking than that Mr Black the other day” Sydney informed her whilst helpfully digging her in the ribs just in case she had missed it.

Emily nodded and turned to see a second man illuminated who was equally handsome in a scruffy kind of way.  “Mmm, that’s mine,” said Sydney followed by another dig in the ribs. 

The sound of drums and guitars began and a third white light illuminated a long-haired blond drummer who was rather erratically playing his instrument.

Emily had no time to ready herself for another dig in the ribs because mere seconds later the lights turned blue and a fourth light shone out in the centre of the stage and she suddenly forgot how to breathe.  She did not notice the dig in the ribs when it came because she was screwing her eyes up to try and focus more carefully on the face of what she assumed was the lead singer.  Her heart felt like it was wildly trying to exit her body and she was finding it increasingly difficult to stay in her seat. 

“Told you he was gorgeous”, Sydney purred into her ear and helpfully pointed out the fact that he would be enlarged on the big screens next to the stage.  She began to frown.  He looked vaguely familiar though she was sure she had never even heard of them, yet alone seen a picture of Blue Scream before, but it was as though every cell in her body was drawn to him.  It wasn’t his lean, yet muscular physique or his slightly overlong hair that was almost the same shade of dark brown as her own that stopped her from looking away; she just felt an intense connection that made her lean forward in her seat.

As she watched the big screen entranced, the camera alighted on to his face which was now no longer shadowed in blue.  He began to sing in the most haunting way and it finally dawned on Emily that she had heard him singing before. 

Not the same song and not with the same band, but Emily would know that voice anywhere.  It was Daniel, her Daniel, from all those years ago.

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