Friday, 28 October 2011


Spent yesterday afternoon fully proofreading my novel The Pall Bearer (the kids were very busy - Lucas with his friends Ryan, Liam and Cameron in the front room on the XBox and Gee swimming with her mates Leanne and Emily at Richard Dunn's) and ruminating an idea for a spooky story.  This is a writing challenge Neil has set for our Writers Group, which I hope to write on Monday before our meeting at 6pm.  I have also sent the manuscript to the Writers Group members for their feedback, before I crack on with it again next week with fresh eyes. 

This afternoon I will be dropping Gee off at her friend Sophie's for a sleepover (better social life than me as she had a sleepover at Lizzies last night) and taking Lucas to see Johnny English 2 at the cinema with his friends (not sure I want to see it, but if I do I will post a review of it tomorrow). 

Also, I have just posted on one of my Linkedin writers sites how I approach my writing (got to join in these discussions sometime right?) and hope that my style is not too far out for them.

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