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Find success with your query letters and submission materials

Writer's Digest University


When your submission materials – a query letter, synopsis, manuscript, or book proposal – arrive in an agent's inbox, they land among hundreds of others. At that point, one of two things will happen. Either the agent (or the agent’s assistant) will like the submission and request more materials, or they will reply with a rejection.

Authors who get rejected tend to fall in one of two categories when submitting materials: they try too hard, or not enough. This Writer’s Digest Boot Camp is designed to help you streamline your submission materials to stand out in a good way.

Attendees will learn how to write a dynamite query letter, tackle a one-page synopsis (for fiction) and a book proposal (for nonfiction). The instructing literary agents will also explain the importance of author platform in addition to basic etiquette in dealing with an agent and manuscript basics.

Lastly, all attendees will have an opportunity to interact one-on-one with an agent and submit ten double-spaced pages of materials (in any combination--query, synopsis, book proposal, first pages of your manuscript) for valuable feedback provided by successful literary agents.

Here's How it Works:

On January 15, you will gain access to a special 60-minute online tutorial presented by literary agents Kimberley Cameron and Elizabeth Kracht. This tutorial will provide nuts & bolts advice on how to help you streamline your submission materials—including the query letter, novel synopsis, nonfiction book proposal, and first pages.

After listening to the presentation, attendees will spend the next two days revising materials as necessary. Following the tutorial, writers will have two days in which to log onto the discussion boards and ask your assigned agent critiquer questions related to revising your materials.

The agents will be available for a discussion session from 4-6 p.m. (ET) on both Wednesday, January 16 and Thursday, January 17. By end of day (11:59 p.m., ET) on Friday, January 18 attendees will submit up to 10 double-spaced pages for review to their assigned agents. These pages can include any combination of a double-spaced query, a synopsis, a book proposal, or pages of their manuscript.

The agents will spend three weeks reviewing all assigned pages, provide relevant feedback and offer suggestions to help attendees improve upon them.

The agents reserve the right to request more materials if they feel a strong connection to the work and want to read more.

In addition to feedback from agents, attendees will also have access to "Everything You Need to Know About Literary Agents," an on-demand webinar by Chuck Sambuchino.

While we accept requests to work with a specific agent, there are no guarantees that attendees will be matched with their requested agent.

All agents are able to provide critiques for all genres.

Boot Camp Runs: January 15 - 18, 2019


About the Agents:

Mary C. Moore
Mary started her career in publishing as a writer. She graduated from Mills College with an MFA in Creative Writing. After freelancing for two years as an editor and writer in non-literary sectors, she began an internship with Kimberley Cameron & Associates with the desire to learn more about the literary business for her own writing. During the internship, she discovered a passion for helping others develop their manuscripts. Now she balances three jobs: writer, editor, and agent, and finds that the experience in each helps and supports the other. She is looking for unusual fantasy, grounded science-fiction, and atypical romance. Strong female characters and unique cultures especially catch her eye. Although she will not consider most nonfiction, stories about traditional dance or pagan culture may interest her. Above all, she is looking for writing that sweeps her away.

Seeking: Fantasy! Science Fiction, Mysteries, Thrillers, Historical, Women’s

Lisa Abellera
Lisa Abellera joined Kimberley Cameron and Associates in 2013 with a background in management, marketing, and finance. She has studied creative writing, design, and business, earning her B.A. in Strategic Management from Dominican University of CA and her M.F.A. in Creative Writing from the University of San Francisco. Diversity in genre fiction is dear to Tricia’s heart. As an agent, Tricia wants to represent authors who reflect diversity and cultures in their work. She specializes in Adult, Young Adult and Middle Grade.

Seeking: Upmarket Fiction, Women's Fiction, Historical Fiction, Mystery/Suspense, Speculative or Medical Science Thrillers, Science Fiction, Fantasy, NA, YA and Middle Grade.

Dorian Maffei
Dorian Maffei began at Kimberley Cameron & Associates as an intern in 2013. She has since become a junior agent and is now looking to build a client list of her own. While she appreciates most fiction that traverses across multiple genres, she is especially interested in magical realism, fabulism, reimagined fairy tales, speculative fiction, literary science fiction, upmarket women’s fiction, unique voices, and innovative storytelling that sometimes veers on the weird. She values work that provokes a deep-rooted connection after the last page, and explores the peculiar within the mundane. Check out her Manuscript Wish List page to get a better understanding of the types of books she gravitates toward.

Seeking: Fiction.

Elizabeth Kracht
Elizabeth Kracht represents both literary and commercial fiction as well as nonfiction and brings to the agency experience as a former acquisitions editor, freelance publicist, and writer. Elizabeth's career in publishing took root in Puerto Rico where she completed her BA in English and worked as a copy editor for an English-language newspaper. When she returned to the mainland she found her "vein of gold" in book publishing. She thrives on working closely with authors and researching the potential market for new books.

Seeking: Literary, commercial, women's, thrillers, mysteries, and YA with crossover appeal.

*While we accept requests to work with a specific agent, there are no guarantees that attendees will be matched with their requested agent. All agents are able to provide critiques for all genres.

We are happy to help you with any questions or concerns you may have.
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Writer's Digest University


Writing is your passion. Why not make it your day job, too? Whether you’re an aspiring screenwriter, novelist or playwright, or even just an avid reader, you can turn your love for words into a lucrative career as a professional copywriter. Learn how to become a copywriter by building your portfolio and marketing your services through this online workshop.

With the explosion of the Internet, the need for creative copywriters who can craft compelling advertising has skyrocketed. And because most companies across all sectors need marketing content, copywriting is a virtually recession-proof career choice.

Freelance copywriters work from home and set their own schedules, giving them the time they need to pursue their personal creative projects. Imagine what you could do with those extra hours, not to mention extra cash!

What you'll learn
Learn how to utilize copywriting theory to produce high-quality advertising
Learn to generate a professional Creative Brief
Learn how to write Headlines and Taglines that sell
Learn how to apply emotional techniques to persuade an audience
Learn how to create a killer sample ad for your portfolio
Learn to find and secure work as a copywriter

Who should attend
Writers looking to make money from their craft.
Writers who want to fine tune their work.

"I enjoyed this class. The pacing was easy to follow without being overwhelming. I've had zero copywriting experience before this class and now I feel a lot more confident in pursuing this path. Thanks to Athena for her help and feedback." -MT
"The professor was extremely helpful. She gave useful feedback and was knowledgeable about the subject matter. She also used great outside articles to support the coursework! Thanks for a great class!" -TH

Thursday, January 3 - January 31, 2019


Instructor: Naveed Saleh
Naveed Saleh is a freelance medical writer and editor who has written for a variety of national publications and content-marketing teams. He’s also written and edited for many prominent physicians and researchers and is an instructor, course developer and consultant with Writer’s Digest.


We are happy to help you with any questions or concerns you may have.
Please click here to contact us.
F+W, 10151 Carver Road, Suite 300, Blue Ash, OH, 45242 USA

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