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Dec 2016

Welcome to Successful Writer
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'Being an author is having angels whisper in your ear - and devils, too.'
– Graycie Harmon
Writers Wanted...
We have a great selection of paying writing opportunities in the latest posting.
Check in to find out more about these...

* Holistic Wellness Magazine Welcomes Articles
* $10,000 Experience With Physical Illness Award
* Travel Magazine Seeks Professional Travel Writers
* Digital Travel Anthology Welcomes Stories
* $7,500 Fiction/Non-Fiction Literary Book Award
* Fund Management Publication Seeks Staff Writer
* Greeting Card Studio Welcomes Ideas
* Publisher Welcomes Non-Fiction Books
* $1500 Emerging Writers Short Fiction Contest
* Content Marketer Seeks Remote Freelance Editor
* Regional Food Magazine Welcomes Local Writers
* Digital Publisher Invites Speculative Fiction
* £300 Digital Fiction/App Prizes
* Fly Fishing Magazine Invites Destinations
* Literary Electronic Press Invites Themed Works
* Literary Press Seeks Authors
* Online Portal Seeks Web Development Courseware
* Savings Society Seeks Content Design Manager
* Equestrian Magazine Invites International Articles
* Literary Magazine Invites All Narratives
* Website Welcomes Short Science Fiction Stories
*And lots more PAYING writing opportunities ...
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Feature opportunity of the month - November
Women’s Lifestyle Site Seeks Remote Freelancers
New York, US based Little Things is a women’s lifestyle destination (5M monthly visitors) for inspiring, uplifting, and engaging stories. They are looking for Remote Freelance Writers to create fresh and viral content “on a rolling basis”. Read more and apply from the job page.
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