Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Cleckheaton Writers Group meeting 5 January 2015

Last night was the first meeting of the Cleckheaton Writers Group (CWG) in 2015 and what an exciting one.

6 members were in attendance, including new member P, 5 other members having passed on their apologies.  First we welcomed new member P to the Group and then we discussed works in progress.  With the holiday period, only M had been working on something, which she is going to share with the Group at the next meeting for feedback.

I told the members about the Mumsnet Novel Writing Competition (deadline 30 January) and some short story competitions I had found out the details for, including the Emerald Street ghost themed, A Midsummer Tale Narrative Writing Contest, The Homestarter Bridgewater short story prize (further details to follow as blog posts) and more.  N passed on details of the Writing Dead 2 SFX short story competition, deadline 3 February.  P asked if the CWG members could forward some of their short stories to her as examples and this was agreed.

I informed the others about a Writer's and Artists' Q&A Finding a Literary Agent event as part of the York Literature Festival.  It takes place on Saturday 28 March and costs £27.95.  gave the members details of the Shelley Instone Agent event in Outlaws Yacht Club, Leeds on 11 February at a cost of £5.95.

P informed the members that the Writing Magazine issued on 8 January has a list of all the upcoming writing Festivals and I told the members that writer John Clarke has contacted me via LinkedIn in regards to running a writing workshop as part of his tour/readings from his new novel Who The Hell is Ricky Bell?  The members wanted to know what kind of workshop it would be and details of fees and this led to us discussing an idea I have been ruminating for a while in organising a Cleckheaton Literature Festival.  The other members were very keen and it was agreed that John would be one of the first writers we would approach to appear at the Festival.  We brainstormed the idea and came up with some other potential names, Andy Kershaw, Alison Locke, James Nash, Alison Taft, Ros Barber and Helen Cadbury.  We also thought it would be great to get some children's writers as none of the local Writers Festivals cater for this and it was suggested that we could have one day for children.  This brought us on to discuss themes and possible dates, May being a potential.  It was agreed that the members would get in touch with their contacts and look at possible venues with a view to organising the Festival.

N then suggested that the CWG should put together an anthology.  The thinking was that each member could contribute 5k words or several short story or poems that would add up to the 5k.  It was agreed that the member would look at the pieces they have that they feel appropriate for discussion at a future meeting.

It was agreed that M and K would take the feedback slots for the next CWG meeting which will take place on Monday 19 January 2015, 6-8pm at Cleckheaton Library.

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