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Script newsletter October 2014

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October  2014
Letter from the Editor
Jeanne Veillette Bowerman
Online Editor

Our family of contributors bring you advice on screenplay contests, loglines, flashbacks and more! Check out our full list of contributors and follow them on Twitter too.

The new ScriptXpert Script Search is on! The ScriptXpert Script Search aims to discover new material on behalf of leading Production Companies, Producers and Execs, with the possibility of the selected screenwriter’s script getting optioned and/or purchased and produced. The search begins with The Asylum, which is a motion picture production, financing, and worldwide distribution studio that fully finances and produces 15-25 titles per year. Their credits include Sharknado, Mega Shark vs. Crocosaurus, and Paranormal Entity. If you have a script you feel is a good fit for The Asylum, check out the submission rules for your chance of getting your script optioned! Submissions are open until November 30, 2014.

When I started the new Facebook ScriptMag Writers' Community, I had no idea how quickly people would jump in and start connecting! The group is incredibly supportive, offering advice and starting discussions on all types of topics. Come join the fun!

Now get reading and get writing!

Jeanne Bowerman
ScriptMag Editor

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Behind the Lines with DR: Residual Angst
Writers always get paid for their words. No one screws us over. Think again. Doug Richardson shares lessons learned on getting your residual.
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Selling Your Screenplay Podcast: Interview with Melanie Oram, New York Film Academy Screenwriting Chair
Ashley Scott Meyers interviews Melanie Oram. Melanie is currently the Screenwriting Chair as the New York Film Academy and has worked as a producer on a variety of film and television projects.
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Pitch Slam Presented by Screenwriters World!
If you missed August's Screenwriters World Conference, don't miss your last chance for a pitching event in 2014! Get your script in front of exec's at our ONE DAY PITCHFEST on November 9th in L.A. for as little as $199!
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Get 5 Tips to Sell Your Screenplay plus a FREE Screenwriting Conference Essentials Webinar
You've written your script now you need to option it. Learn 5 tips to sell your screenplay and get your FREE ScriptMag Screenwriting Conference Essentials Webinar to help improve your odds of success at a screenwriting pitchfest!
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ScriptMag Archives: Balls of Steel: Hope vs. Faith
ScriptMag looks back at older articles that still pack value for today's screenwriter. This week, let's revisit Jeanne Veillette Bowerman's post on how to stay in the screenwriting game when you're losing hope.
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Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 11.08.57 AM
Scenes Not Connecting? They will After This Video
To connect with an audience you have to create scenes that make them feel something extraordinary. You must make it unforgettable. But creating a charge emotional scene that is completely unforgettable can be tricky. Learn the basic questions you should ask yourself and get the tools you need to make sure your scenes pack an emotional punch.

As part of our commitment to bringing our subscribers the very best in screenwriting education, Screenwriting Tutorials is pleased to announce that we will be adding several high-quality HD videos featuring how-to screenwriting lectures from industry experts like this one to our library. All HD videos are still included in any site-wide subscription.
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Screenwriters University:
Classes are through an online platform that you can access anytime. There are weekly assignments to keep up with, but for the most part, you can follow at your own pace.
Screenwriting Webinars
Screenwriting Classes at The Writers Store in Burbank

Breaking Into Hollywood: 'No' is Just a Conversation Starter
Gary W. Goldstein, producer of 'Pretty Woman,' explains how a writer needs to take the word 'no' and turn it into an opportunity instead of a roadblock to breaking into Hollywood.
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Writers' Room 101: Tweet Responsibly, My Friends
It's entirely possible to tweet your way out of a job. In today's "Writers' Room 101," TV writer Eric Haywood shows you how to avoid it.
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Learn How to Make a Web Series with Rebecca Norris’ Create a Web Series 101 Free Download!
Learn how to make a web series and why creating a web series will advance your career with advice from writer/producer/web-creator Rebecca Norris. Download your FREE Create a Web Series 101 PDF now!
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Script Angel: Screenwriting Contests - Making the Cut
Script Angel's Hayley McKenzie looks at what you can do to make the cut of screenwriting contests.
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Screenwriter's Guidepost: How Do I Know When My Script is Done?
Mario O. Moreno, Story Specialist at The Writers Store, answers the question all screenwriters have, "How do I know when my script is done?"
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While Supplies Last!
Includes 3 OnDemand Webinars, 2 Books and 20% Off an Upcoming Course!
Column D: Should You Take Him Back? When to Use Flashback
Like voice-over, flashback is “frowned upon” by screenwriting gurus, professors and so-called purists. Drew Yanno chimes in on using flashbacks.
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Writing Wrap Up: 3 Tips to Writing a Better Logline
Paula Landry explores ways to write loglines that grab an executives attention with her three simple tips.
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Writing the Documentary Film
Over the last few years documentary films have not only crossed over to a wider mainstream market, but the filmmaking techniques themselves have evolved. No longer are filmmakers’ encumbered—literally weighted down by carrying heavy cameras, sound and lighting equipment and relying on credit cards, limited granting opportunities, and rich relatives to make their films a reality. Digital technology has opened up the possibilities for filmmakers to bring their visions onto the screen. But one element of this process has not changed—and that is the key to a successful documentary—knowing how to write one.
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Utopia Film Festival: Q&A with Co-Director Chris Haley
Utopia Film Festival is one of those unique film festivals that's a treasure to discover. Meet Chris Haley, Co-Director, and see what screenwriters can learn from the film selection process.
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Learn How to Create Dynamic Characters Actors Want to Play With Our FREE Webinar!
To increase your odds of getting produced, you need to attract top talent who will put an audience in the seats. Creating characters that actors want to play is a must. In our FREE Creating Dynamic Characters Webinar, you’ll learn how to create and develop characters from screenwriter and Editor of Script Magazine, Jeanne Veillette Bowerman.
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The filmmaking industry has a certain expectation of not only how a script for a movie or TV show is written but also of how to market your script and yourself. In our FREE downloads, you’ll receive expert advice on how to create a logline, how to structure an outline, TV writing, and tips on how to move your plot forward using your character’s inner journey, and more!

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