Saturday, 26 October 2013

Book Launch 7/8 November 2013


My fellow writer Beth Daley, is launching her debut novel Blood and Water (released by Hic Dragones on 7th November 2013).

There will be launch events in Manchester (7 Nov at the Portico Library, 7-9pm) and Leeds (8 Nov, Maven Bar, The Calls, 6-8pm)  Click here if you want to register:
I’m coming to Manchester or I’m coming to Leeds

Here’s a bit about the book:

Dora lives by the sea. Dora has always lived by the sea. But she won’t go into the water.
The last time Dora swam in the sea was the day of her mother’s funeral, the day she saw the mermaid. Now she’s an adult, a respectable married woman, and her little sister Lucie has come home from university with a horrible secret. Dora’s safe and dry life begins to fray, as she is torn between protecting her baby sister and facing up to a truth she has always known but never admitted. And the sea keeps calling her, reminding her of what she saw beneath the waves all those years ago… of what will be waiting for her if she dives in again.

And some praise by a fellow author:

A talented new author with a feel for details and how to make them count. Daley’s writing is a cumulation of neat touches that grab hold of you, persuade you to care, and drag you deep into a debut novel soaked in menace.
- Toby Stone

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