Thursday, 29 November 2012

Writers meet and Competition entries

Had a lovely meeting with my fellow writers Ian and Krys today in Leeds Art Gallery Cafe and it was great to catch up.  We met at a writing workshop in Hebden Bridge earlier this year and really hit it off. 

At our meeting, we discussed lots of writerly things including Ian's short story Flashing Lights and his work in progress novel Boy Meets Ogress.  I absolutely loved Flashing Lights as it pulled me straight into the main characters world straight away.  Sadly Ian teased us by not sharing the ending yet - can't wait for our next meet when we will find out.  Ian tells us that he has perfected the first three chapters of Boy Meets Ogress and feels ready to share it, so I am looking forward to receiving it in my email inbox soon. 

Krys shared the first five chapters of the historical romance novel she is working on at the moment and I have to say I really love the idea of a thoroughly modern heroine bucking against the dowry system - can't wait to read more.  She also discussed her other work in progress novel about a Fairy Godmother and Ian was surprised to learn that she is also thinking of putting in about the Pendle Witches as he has a nod to them too in his novel.

I shared the short biography and synopsis that I have written for Thorde with them and we then discussed our various plot ideas with each other.  It was refreshing to get instant feedback and throwing ideas at each other and seeing if the others thought they would work.  Really looking forward to our Christmas meet.

Yesterday I submitted my children's bedtime story 'No Bear for Bedtime' to the Mumsnet children's writing competition on-line and I also submitted the first three chapters, synopsis and biography for Thorde: Keeper of the Trysk to the Write Now! on-line competition in association with Macmillan Children's Books.  The prize is a publishing contract with Macmillan and £10,000, and if my entry is shortlisted, I should find out on the 1st of February.  Fingers crossed........

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