Thursday, 1 November 2012


I can't believe it is just over a year since I started this blog and that NaNoWriMo has come around again.  I entered NaNoWriMo last year but only made it to 35k and then my computer died (not sure if this was the speed of my writing or that it was so hot the computer imploded :)

This year I am entering again with the challenge to finish my paranormal thriller 'Premonition' and I have already got my first 1,666 words under my belt for today.  Will let you know how I get on during November and if any of you are also entering, please let me know so that we can support each other in this challenge.

Here is an excerpt from my novel and a short synopsis to give you an idea of what I am working on:

It started raining that night and it didn’t stop for two weeks.  For some strange reason, that seemed to kind of suit the situation.  Rain; it just never ended or, at least, sometimes it felt that way.  She could watch its strength and power and feel like she could handle anything and yet other times when she watched it slowly work its way down something, she felt it was patient and understanding and pure.  Rain could wash away sins.  Rain could clear ground for new beginnings.  But rain could also damage; constant tears of destruction upon an unwary world.  A trickle of unease worming its way into the dark crevices of things that had lain forgotten and unwanted in this fast-paced world.  Sometimes she felt like that too.  He could be strong or vulnerable, but always there was the threat of rain; the threat of tears to fall.

The first time it happened she was asleep.  She was in the middle of a dream, one she was loathe to leave and when it shifted, she was sure it was nearly time to awake.  She had gone from a restaurant to a park.  She knew it was a little used one from the rust and the graffiti and she felt no sense of connection; she had never been here before.  As she watched, she saw them arrive and she smiled. 

Short synopsis:  Bonnie Davison sees things.  She sees people when they pass violently from this world into the next and it has taken some time for the police to believe her.  To believe that she is not a nutcase, that her gift is real and it can be used to help them; to help others.  Bonnie has always seen things from the perspective of the victim, but all of a sudden she begins to see it from the killers.  Could this be a blessing?  Can she help them catch the killer before it is too late or has she just given the killer a reason to target her.

Let the writing challenge begin.....

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  1. Ooh good luck with NaNo this year - I know you can do it! :)