Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Cleckheaton Writers Group meeting 26/11/12

Excellent meeting tonight.  Even though L, D and P could not make it (thanks for sending apologies L & P), D, N and I had a very productive session.  First I told the guys about the fabulous Picador Notebook Session that I attended last Tuesday and then we launched straight into talking about what we were working on at the moment. 

D is about to enter her children's story TSC into her first competition which is very exciting.  She has almost finished her second draft, has polished the first 5k words, written a one-page synopsis (no mean feat when it has to be double spaced and hacked down from her original synopsis of over 2k words) and is working on her biography, ready for entry by the 1 December deadline.  D shared her synopsis and biography and revealed that the biography was weird to write as it had to be in third person.

N is not doing NaNoWriMo (he had said that he would, but changed his mind - wise man, I am stuck at 32.5k due to the competition deadline for Thorde), but has been inspired to work on his novel The Wormhole Effect (TWE) that he had been having doubts about as he had recently seen a film with a similar plot line.  We explained that there seem to be very few 'original' storylines and that every story is different even if they have similar plots, as the writers perspective is unique (we gave Twilight and Vampire Diaries as an example of similar plots, but different styles).  We are looking forward to N sharing futher chapters of his novel TWE with the Group soon.

I then shared two chapters of Thorde, as I am thinking of entering the same competition with it.  I am not looking forward to chopping my synopsis down from 2,100 words to approximately 350 though, what a challenge.  D and N enjoyed it but were a little lost with the plot as it is quite near the end of the novel, so I promised to send the full first draft along to N, as D has been receiving the chapters, but is a little behind in reading them, so that they will be up to speed should I decide to share more.

The meeting ended with the suggestion that we hold the next one (or part of it) at a pub to celebrate Christmas and I think this is a fabulous idea.  Looking forward to the next meeting........

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