Monday, 17 September 2012

Warner Bros Harry Potter Studio Tour

Took my son (and family of course) for a birthday treat to the Harry Potter Studio Tour at Leavesden yesterday and we had a fantastic time.  We are a huge 'Harry Potter fan' family and we were anticipating great things, but even we had to say it was more amazing than even we thought it would be.  The information on all the films is staggering and the work that went into things from hand-made letters to a beautiful model of the castle was awe-inspiring.  Thank goodness the sets, props and plans were all kept for us, the fans, to enjoy.  Our favourite bit was the castle, but the wand room, the sets of the common room, dumbledore's office etc. were just as fascinating and the staff were on hand to tell us anything we needed to know - the man in the wand room knew just where to find any wand you wanted, even though there was a wand for every person who worked on all of the films from the canteen staff to the most obscure actor.  It was amazing to think that there was a national bead shortage thanks to the house system counter that was made for the film (see picture below) and that the most expensive prop ever made was the telescope in Dumbledore's Office and it only had mere seconds viewing time on the films. 

I cannot recommend a visit highly enough as I believe everyone, Harry Potter fan or not, should visit this incredible British attraction because you do not need to be a fan to appreciate the drawings, the scale models, the clothing (I could go on and on) that were a part of this massive franchise.  Here are a few of my photos so you can get an idea for yourself:                                                       10/10



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