Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Men in Black 3 film review

We went to our good friend J & Ls this weekend and we had a delicious home-made meal of shortcrust pastry parcels with carrots, potatoes and caramelised onion, rabbit and orange pasta and chocolate and marshmallow sponge.  Following this we watched the movie Men in Black 3.

I loved the first movie, but was disappointed with the second.  I would say that the third is better than the second but not as good as the first.  The premise is that the alien Boris the Animal escapes from jail on the moon and travels back in time to the 60s to kill Agent K before he arrests him.  Agent J (Will Smith) needs to travel back to the 60s to save the life of his partner Agent K (the excellent Tommy Lee Jones) in the present.  Back in the 60s Agent Ks role is played by Josh Brolin who nails Tommy Lee Jones so perfectly that you do not even question it - in fact you wish for a sequel that contains Brolin as K and another agent.

With little twists that involve Emma Thompson as a love interest and Agent Js dad's backstory, the film ties up some loose ends that were there in the other movies, but some of the in-jokes are contained in the background of the headquarters where aliens like 'Lady GaGa' are seen on the screens. 

All in all a good movie for the franchise, but not the best.  7/10

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