Saturday, 22 September 2012


Just got back from Laserzone at Junction 32 Castleford and it was so much fun.  I've never been to one before and although am quite a good shot when at Master at Arms, it is a quite different prospect shooting whilst moving and being pursued by others.  We took my son L, his sister G and a few of his friends Lm, S and J as a treat and because a couple of the boys he invited could not come, G and I took the spare places.

It was very hot in there and I have to admit I was quite daunted by the thought of trying to shoot small children (even if it was just with a laser), but after several aggressive groups of them pursued me and shouted 'hah' with glee after getting me, I kind of lost my inhibitions.

We had two games and we were the yellow team.  We had to destroy the other bases of the red and blue teams and shoot anyone that wasn't on the yellow team.  We had two games and were issued with callsigns before beginning (L was Hazard, G was Magnet, Lm was Electro, S was Zap, J was Thunder and I was Shortout).  The yellow team won both games and Lm as Electro was first in both of them!  In the first game I came 12th out of 30 and the second, 5th out of 19.  In the first game, individually the boys Electro, Thunder and Hazard were the top 3 players and our individual team came 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th in the second.  Will definitely be going again.

I would also like to send out a big CONGRATULATIONS to my friend Ian Humphreys, whose short story has been shortlisted for the Bridport Prize.  Fantastic news for a writer who thoroughly deserves it.

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