Thursday, 6 September 2012

Holiday at Hexham

We recently returned from a lovely break at Hexham where we were very lucky with the weather (only one day out of five had rain) and we managed to fit a lot in to a short time.  On the Monday we went to the Chesters Roman Fort near Hadrians Wall.  On Tuesday we went to Alnwick Castle (the one featured in the Harry Potter movies, which excited my children no end) where we had a fantastic day exploring and learning to fly on broomsticks!  The Wednesday was the full day of rain so we went bowling and had a Harry Potter movie marathon.  Thursday we went to Hexham Old Gaol and Moot Hall, including a beautiful textile exhibition at the Hall which my daughter found particularly inspiring.  On our final day we went to Hexham Abbey which is stunning and we cannot wait to book to stay again.  The countryside is so beautiful and we were lucky that there was a gorgeous woodland walk right next to where we were staying.  I thought I would share some of my photos of the trips:

I would also like to say a quick thank-you to Nicola Morgan for her blog Help I Need A Publisher that is now officially closed.  The help and advice that she gave on this blog was invaluable to writers and I wish her well in the future and the very best of luck with all her endeavours.  The blog posts will still be available to look at on the site, but there will be no more posts from her.  You can still follow her on twitter @nicolamorgan, on Facebook and at Crabbit At Home.  I highly recommend you check these out and her many published works on helping the writer such as 'Write to be Published' (which I am reading at the moment), 'Dear Agent' and 'Write a Great Synopsis.'


  1. Hi Karen that sounded like a fab trip. When R is older we might go there for a family holiday. What a shame Nicola Morgan isn't doing her HINAP blog any more. She's a funny and inspiring writer and her advice is invaluable.

  2. Loved it so much that we have booked to go again with our friends in late September.