Friday, 27 April 2012

Publish and Be Damned Creative Writing Workshop

Attended this workshop today at Seven Arts in Leeds (last week was the first in the series of four, but I was unable to attend) . The workshops are run by Wes Brown and Beth Daley and this week the subjects were ebooks and genre. Wes outlined the world of ebooks and I was surprised to learn that a third of Britons have an ereader and that 6% of book sales are ebooks (this is equivalent to the children's book market). Wes outlined the different readers and systems, as well as the details of how much profit is taken from these books (around 30% of your sales), but to actually upload a book to Amazon for example, is free. Publishers have changed the advance system to take these into account (not given an advance but get 30-40% royalty - this used to be 6-12%). Beth outlined the different genres available and the classifying types. Then the group did some scene setting for genres that had to include certain information. First we tackled a genre we were familiar with and then one we found harder to write. Here is my example of the harder one, see if you can guess which genre:

It should have been an ordinary trip to the supermarket, but then that was never ordinary. Everyone knew me wherever I went and anonymity was impossible no matter how fantastic my disguise, but I had really needed to get the shopping and my help wasn't around. I had just chosen my product when I realised I could not reach it. I stood on my tiptoes, wavering on my thin heels as I reached to grab it. His fingers brushed mine and my hand tingled at the touch. I know, ridiculous right, but it actually tingled and before I knew it the jar was falling towards me. I only got a brief glance at his fabulous eyes before my consciousness slipped.

I also finished reading War Horse which did end as I had predicted, but I still enjoyed. I am really intrigued as to how they can lengthen a book of 182 pages into a film and am looking forward to watching it next week.

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