Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Cleckheaton Writers Group/More Writing Competitions

The latest meeting was held on Monday evening where we discussed the importance of backing up your work regularly and updated each other on where we are at with our novels that we are currently working on.  Daniel was particularly grateful for the 'backing up' info as he is at the stage where he has more than one version of his memoir.  I told the group that I have passed the dreaded chapter 7 mark (this is usually where I stop writing and start editing and not get any further!) and Dawn told us that she is up to chapter 46 of her novel SC and read out Chapters 44 and 45.  Chapter 46, what an excellent achievement.  I only hope I can get as far with Thorde before the 30th deadline.


I found these writing competitions in my Writers Magazine (April 2012 edition):

Kidwell Festival award - the best unpublished or self-published British Ebook with a prize of £10,000, the best unpublished or self-published International Ebook of any nationality with a prize of £2,000 and the best Eshort story by a young British writer with a £1,000 and Ereader prize (deadline 11 May for all)

She's the One National writing competition celebrating achievements of women throughout history with your thoughts and stories for an anthology (deadline 30 June)

Smut by the Sea - submissions required for an anthology in any genre but with an overall seaside feel in either location or style, 4-6,000 words and poetry (deadline 1 June) http;//

Fading Light: anthology of the monstrous - is a royalty paying Ebook anthology for stories of 3-5,000 words (deadline 15 May) see for all criteria

The Yeovil Literary Prize - 1) The novel for the Betty Bolingbroke-Kent award, synopsis and opening chapters (up to 15k) £1,000, £250 and £100 prizes  2) The short story (2k words max) £500, £200 and £100 prizes  3) Poetry - a poem with 40 lines max £500, £200 and £100 prizes (deadline 31 May)

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