Thursday, 26 April 2012

Books I am reading

I am always reading, whether it is a magazine (writing-related, National Geographic or Empire magazine) or a book (or sometimes even more than one at once) and I thought it might be good to share with my followers what I am reading and what I think of the book once I am finished.  I have just finished The Hunger Games Trilogy and I really enjoyed them.  I read them very quickly, so that is a good sign of a pageturner, but I have to say the first book was by far my favourite.  This is a surprise for me as I usually prefer later books in trilogies or sagas, because by then I am thoroughly engaged by the characters, but unfortunately I became less engaged with Katniss Everdeen the more I read.  I know that characters change as their journeys affect them, but I began to dislike the character more and more with every plot twist and became more engaged with Peter, one of the secondary characters.  Maybe Suzanne Collins intended this to be the case and if so, mission accomplished, but I have to say this has made me less likely to want to watch all of the films.  I went to see the first one, which I really enjoyed (and decided to read the books off the back of, which again is unusual for me as it is usually the other way around) and I may see the second, but I think they will really have to hook me with the film for me to want to see the final instalment.  The first book touched me and I have to admit I cried in a couple of places (this is not unusual for me as I am quite a sensitive soul) because I had come to love some of the secondary characters.

I am now reading War Horse and am enjoying this too.  It is an unusual point of view and although I have guessed some of the plot, I have cried (surprise!) even though I knew it was coming.  I am two-thirds of the way in, but will let you know what I think of it when I am finished.  I am planning on going to see the film next week (I like to do this to see what changes to the book are made and whether they are for the best or not) and will post a review of it once I have (I will have my hankie at the ready).

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