Tuesday, 27 December 2011


Well, we braved the sales today.  Georgiana had some money to spend at Next and Lucas at Toys R Us, so we all went up to Junction 27 and separated to do the sales shopping in the quickest time.  We started at PC World where I treated myself to a brand new laptop and I can't wait to use it.  At the moment, Marcus is busy putting on my Word, Norton etc. so that it is all safe and secure to use, but I am itching to try it out.  Then us girls (me, Georgiana and my Mum) went to Boots (where we got some good things for others in the sales), Next (where Georgiana got some jeans, 2 tops and a jacket, Mum got some things for others and I got a coat), River Island (where Georgiana spent the rest of her money getting another pair of jeans and a top) and then Mum and I went to M&S where Mum got some things for herself and others and I got some new cups (one of which I noticed was chipped when I got it home, so that will be going back), some party food with a free bottle of cava (which won't make it through the evening probably) and some Christmas cards for next year.  I still have £40 left to spend and I also have to go to HMV to swop my two double-ups (Bridesmaids DVD and The Wanted CD).  Lucas spent all his money at Toys R Us where he bought Harry Potter and Star Wars lego.  Marcus wants to go to the M&S outlet tomorrow to spend his money where he will definitely be buying at least some jeans.  Wish us luck :)

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