Thursday, 15 December 2011


Got my advance copy of the anthology book featuring my poem 'Stasis' this week.  It is published soon, but I thought I would share my poem with my followers for free (rather than having to buy the book and finding it on page 120!).


Endlessly waiting whilst time is in stasis
Clock ticking its way to the end
EXpanding forever instead of contracting
Keeping us prisoner within
LeArning is tested and memories pilfered
Giving up secrets like gold
TeaMs united as one in their suffering
Silent in measured rows
BailIng out is no longer an option
Pens scratching out words with relief
CommuNication eclipsed by rigid convention
Watched by minute degrees
PyschoAnalysis mixed with instinct
Have them labelled before they begin
InstrucTions imparted wilfully ignored
Thinking it only happens to him
OscillatIng constantly around the room
Eyes a beam from a lighthouse of truth
Vigilant RobOts scanning for errors
In judgement with consequence high
FrustratioN with matching regret grows tall
Whilst proud roots wither and die
FabricationS that will follow eternally
Shifting sands beneath your feet

Not sure what the poem is about, see the italics ;)

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