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Screenwriters University
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Beginning Feature Film Writing
Using detailed analyses of successful scripts, you will discover how film writers maximize the impact of your work using compelling characters and scenes. The writing critiques in this workshop are tailored to develop specific skills needed to succeed as a feature film writer. You will also gain access to a wealth of creative writing prompts.
8/4 - 9/15
This course offers comprehensive tools and insights for writing the short film. The fundamentals of writing the short film will be examined through online lectures, written assignments and creative exercises, created to both inspire and educate. Specific strategies on developing and writing a successful short film script will include tools on making every second of your short film count!
8/11 - 9/8
Fitting Writing Into Your Life: Becoming a Productive Screenwriter
In this week-long intensive, you'll first watch and discuss (via discussion boards) a three-part video lecture exploring 10 habits and techniques that will keep your writing schedule consistent and productive. Then, you'll use what you have learned to create a personalized writing plan that you will submit for feedback. At the end of just one week you will have a fail-proof strategy for the most productive writing of your life! 
8/11 - 8/18
21 Days to Your Screenplay Treatment
Let Screenwriter's University show you, step-by-step, how to create an electrifying treatment! We've made the anxiety-producing process of treatment writing simple with our ground-breaking approach to the form. By the end of this workshop, you will have a strong treatment and a solid log line for your screenplay that has been vetted by an industry professional!
8/18 - 9/8
Writing Dialogue for Emotional Impact
There are three kinds of feelings when reading a script - yes, no, and WOW! Your job as a screenwriter is to create that WOW! feeling on as many pages as possible. When you write dialogue that is authentic, sparkling, and well-crafted you individualize characters and entertain the reader. This class will include dialogue rewriting exercises and analysis of great dialogue.
8/18 - 9/15
Introduction to Playwriting
Need to make that good script great? We'll study more than a dozen elements you can use in the rewriting process to move your script up a level and then discuss what to do next in the development and submission process. Not only will you come back to your screenwriting with fresh insight, but you might find that you like writing plays too.
8/25 - 9/22

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